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October Festvities

by admin on Oct.26, 2009, under Humor

Today Em and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary, and yesterday we finally got around to carving pumpkins. I did mine completely by hand, check it out:

I think, also, that the weather is starting to get to people. We went out to dinner and did some shopping, and everyone that we ran into was really rude. We were trying to enjoy our dinner and the waitress was just in a really bad mood, then we went to Walmart and all of the employees were just not pleasant. I don’t normally go to Walmart  because that’s normally the case, but nothing else was open.

On a side note, it seems like the smaller the town the Walmart is in, the nicer the employees are. I’m in semi-close proximity to the city, so our Walmart is brutal (actually our Walmart is a hole-in-the-wall dump, the Walmart we went to was a little further and a lot bigger. Still brutal though).

We plan on going out over the weekend, probably to Wildfire (who’s website I actually did work on at one point in time, though it’s been redesigned since). I hope the weather clears up so that we can actually enjoy ourselves…

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Google Teams With Twitter to Develop Social Search

by admin on Oct.22, 2009, under Research Projects, The Web

Look at that! I did my presentation just a little too early. It turns out that yesterday Google struck a deal (monetary) with Twitter to include a real-time search of social networks. Read more about the deal on Tech Crunch. This seems like a promising technology for getting up-to-second results on current trending topics, as it takes longer to write an article than a tweet.

I promise to have more links that I have uncovered during my research, but I just saw this pop up today. I was a little angry because it would have been great to include in the advantage that Google has over Facebook.

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The Magic Mouse – New From Apple!

by admin on Oct.21, 2009, under Tech Gadgets

Who’s ready to try it? I hope it’s better than the mighty mouse and the hockey puck. However, it’s supposed to be really responsive, and do much more than any PC mouse. So all you PC people can stop complaining about the lack of a right click! Alright, here’s the video:

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xkcd – Lincoln-Douglas

by admin on Oct.02, 2009, under Humor

This reminds me of the farside format, but I think it was done well:

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