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Sync Your Contacts With Soocial

by admin on Jan.06, 2010, under Tech Gadgets, The Web

I came across this site while doing research for a client. My client has a list of 2,600 contacts spread out across 4 different locations. I obviously had to try it out before recommending it, and I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely it worked.

Basically what it comes down to is that email clients often have difficulties syncing locally stored contacts to web-based mail services that don’t use Exchange Server (in which case, sometimes contacts get over-written anyway). Soocial solves this issue by storing your contacts in one centralized location. Not only can you sync your contacts between your email and web clients, but you can also sync your contacts with your mobile device. This means that if you have to change phones or services, you won’t loose your contacts.

The biggest benefit that I saw is with my iPhone. iPhone now has Exchange support, but I am weary of activating it for fear that my contacts will be lost. Now that I have my contacts backed-up externally, I can do all that I want with my phone without loosing my precious data.

Soocial also has a really nice contact management interface that allows you to merge your contacts from your different sources, and streamline your address book (AKA no duplicate contacts to worry about).

Keep in mind, I’m not affiliated with Soocial. I just really appreciate the service, and think that my friends should know about it.

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Pac-Man With Roombas

by admin on Nov.11, 2009, under Humor, Tech Gadgets

This has to be the most practical use of a Roomba that I have ever seen. I sold appliances for a number of years, back when the Roomba first came out. I thought that they where pretty cool at first, but the thing is that they are NOT robotic vacuums, their basically just glorified and over-priced hokies because they have absolutely no suction. This means that they don’t actually suck the dirt out of your carpet, they just sweep the surface dirt into a trap.

Regardless, this is an awesome video:

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The Magic Mouse – New From Apple!

by admin on Oct.21, 2009, under Tech Gadgets

Who’s ready to try it? I hope it’s better than the mighty mouse and the hockey puck. However, it’s supposed to be really responsive, and do much more than any PC mouse. So all you PC people can stop complaining about the lack of a right click! Alright, here’s the video:

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Microsoft to Open Windows 7 Cafe in Paris

by admin on Sep.24, 2009, under Tech Gadgets

I was just reading on tech crunch that Microsoft is getting ready to open a Windows 7 Cafe in Paris France. They will have all sorts of toys to play with, but they will be selling nothing but drinks and snacks, and only remain open for a few weeks.

It’s actually fairly cleaver on the part of Microsoft, as their strong-hold on International markets is not as great as it is here. They can also control the environment in which people view their OS, making it a little easier sell because it won’t be running slow. Besides that, the know that they can get the geeks hooked with offerings of coffee. Nicely played, Microsoft…

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Wireless Electricity Demonstration at the TED Conference

by admin on Sep.11, 2009, under Tech Gadgets

I love following the TED conference every year. They always have the coolest technology that won’t be in practical use for another 10 -20 years. If you don’t know of the TED conference, you should check it out. It’s the conference where Microsoft’s surface first appeared, as it was actually created by MIT researchers and not Microsoft.

This year they came up with something really cool, wireless electricity. It has been done in the past, but this shows practical application, such as powering TVs and charging cell phones. Imagine the possibilities, like driving into your garage and having it power your electric car. Fantastic!

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